National Caramel Apple Day

One of the fun memories of many people’s childhood is eating caramel apples in the fall of the year.  It may have been at a fair, at a carnival, at a Halloween party or just at home with family and friends, but the memory is a good one and part of the fun was making them.

Each year on October 31, we celebrate caramel apples on National Caramel Apple Day.

  • Caramel apples (sometimes called taffy apples) are made by dipping apples, on a stick, in hot caramel.
  • Caramel apples are sometimes sprinkled with nuts, chocolate or other confections.
  • For caramel apples in high production, a sheet of caramel can be wrapped around the apple and then heated to melt the caramel evenly onto it.
  • The most commonly preferred apples used in making caramel apples are tart, crisp apples such as Granny Smith or Fuji apples.
  • Caramel apples are enjoyed by millions of people, young and old, across the nation.
  • This holiday has been perfectly coordinated to coincide with Halloween as that is the post popular time that caramel apples are made and shared.


Enjoy a caramel apple and use #NationalCaramelAppleDay to post on social media.

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